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Download Analyzer is web log analysis software specialized in the analysis of file downloads (audio, video, and graphics files, and software distribution kits). It creates special interactive reports on downloads, refers, search phrases and individual search words. The large range of filters and interactive reports allows for relevant qualitative analyses of a site for the purpose of optimizing the site for search engines. It enables the availability of a site to be increased and, what is more important, provides targeted traffic and increases the quantity of downloads. Download Analyzer includes a special tool - Pay-Per-Click Calculator - which can calculate the return on advertising costs for individual search phrases on paid search engines (,, etc..). For each download file, or for downloaded files as a whole, Download Analyzer provides a relevant analysis and can calculate: * Relevance of search phrases for the purpose of finding and subsequent downloading of files. * Total relevance of groups of phrases, individual pages of a site, and search engines. * Click tax and average profit from individual phrases. * Total profit for individual pages, groups of search phrases,and search engines. The download report contains the following information: * Complete Downloads - quantity of complete downloads of each file. * Download hits - quantity of unique visitors to a site who have started downloading the file. * Traffic downloads - quantity of downloads measured by total traffic divided by file size. * Total traffic - volume of traffic on each file. Additional reports available on each downloaded file include: * Refer pages - the sites/pages from which visitors come to your site and do a download. * Download pages - the sites/pages from which the file was directly downloaded.

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